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A place created out of love for Sweden

Quality, not quantity

This idea has guided us from the very beginning. We use high-quality ingredients and, whenever possible, cooperate with local suppliers. We operate in the spirit of no waste philosophy.

Our Values


The uniqueness of our cafe is not only good coffee or warm bullar, but above all, the people who create this place.


The Swedish philosophy of celebrating the moment with coffee and a bullar. We always find time for it during the day and we encourage our guests to do so.

Love for Sweden

This is a sweet piece of the Scandinavia we love. In line with the fika philosophy - we bake the best bullar in the city, serve delicious coffee and celebrate simple pleasures, constantly accompanied by the scent of cinnamon and cardamom floating throughout the place.

Kaffe Bageri Stockholm


These are Swedish sweet yeast buns that we lovingly knead by hand every day, then prepare them in front of you and often serve straight from the oven.

Kaffe Bageri Stockholm is a Swedish cafe that smells of cinnamon, cardamom and sneaks a bit of everyday happiness into it all!

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